7 Reasons Why Invisalign is Great for Teens

7 Reasons Why Invisalign is Great for Teens

Teens have a lot on their plates nowadays, from school projects, participating in sports or music activities and summer vacations with friends and family.  Having to deal with braces in the process can sometimes be too stressful to an already busy schedule.  The advancement of braces has come quite a long way, but it is still hard to imagine wearing them with the stereotype they get over the years.  That’s why many teens are looking to go with Invisalign over traditional braces.  It helps boost their self-confidence while they are going through those self-identifying stages of deciding on who they want to become.  Dillehay Orthodontics believes that Invisalign Teen is the way to come and go with all of the positives and none of the negatives that come with traditional braces.


Practically Invisible

Invisalign is made using clear, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teen’s teeth. These aligners replace the wires, brackets, and bands that traditional braces use.


Invisalign helps them feel less awkward around their peers at a time when hormones and bullying are prominent.  Fitting in and having high self-esteem are at the forefront of teens minds at this point in their life.  Teens are 68% less likely to be teased when wearing Invisalign aligners as opposed to metal braces, and 92% of teens say that metal braces would keep them from fitting in with their peers.*  Invisalign systems allow teens to focus on enjoying their time with their friends and family, instead of thinking about what people will see if they open their mouth.  It is the perfect system for teens to get the correct orthodontic treatment while also boosting their self-confidence.


Let Loose!

We know that traditional braces are made up of wires and metal brackets, with this comes a list of restrictions.  Most chewy or hard foods you can not enjoy such as nuts, popcorns, caramel, candies and many other foods.  They can quickly bust or break a bracket or tear out a wire, which is no fun at all.  With the Invisalign system, you can eat and drink anything you like.  Because the aligners are completely removable, you don’t have the risk of ruining them as you would with traditional braces. Helping save many trips you have to take back to the orthodontics. Of course, the best part is that you don’t have to miss out on any of the treats or foods that everyone else is enjoying.  

Perfect for Sports and Music

Teens are involved in a multitude of activities and just trying to keep up with them can be a chore.   You shouldn’t also have to worry about your orthodontic treatment and how it will affect your extracurriculars.  Traditional braces can get in the way of participating in sports or playing music. You have probably heard of or seen a teen playing soccer or some other physically demanding sport and get knocked in the face by the ball.  This can damage the braces to the point where wires and brackets can get completely broken, and you will have to get to your orthodontics office asap. Maybe your teen plays a wind instrument; the metal braces can get in the way of an amazing musical performance.  With the Invisalign system, your teen won’t have any of these problems.  Also since the Invisalign system is completely removable, you’re athletic teen can use a mouthguard to protect that beautiful smile.


Brushing is Easy Peasy

Taking care of your oral hygiene with the Invisalign system is far easier than traditional braces.  With braces, it can be hard to brush and floss around those metal brackets and wire.  That’s why we recommend the Invisalign system since it is completely removable you won’t have to fight to clean your teeth.  Also cleaning the Invisalign system is a breeze: all you need is some water and a brush to gently scrub and rinse them out.


Fewer Office Visits

Families and their teens are busier than ever these days.  Running from a sporting event to family event back to home then out at it again can be tiresome.  We want you to have more time for yourself and your teen.  The Invisalign system allows that with fewer visits to the orthodontics office. Since you don’t have to tighten or replace wires like traditional braces, this allows follow-up appointments to go fast and they are usually scheduled 8-10 weeks after your initial appointment.


Staying on Track

blonde girl smiling with invisalign tray in handTo think that some teens are more reliable and responsible than adults may be crazy to say, but it’s true! Orthodontists confirm that most teens are more reliable in wearing their aligners than adults. Really—data shows that, on average, teens keep their aligners on for the recommended 21 hours a day, which is fantastic! Staying the course can be hard to do when your teen has a busy schedule but maintaining the Invisalign for 20-22 hours per day makes this treatment the most effective.  Invisalign is not magic, it takes some getting use to, but once your teen, does its breeze.  To help them Invisalign also includes a kind of built-in assurance check. Every aligner comes with blue indicators that will fade over time when used as directed. These indicators allow both you and your teen’s orthodontist to track compliance. Another plus with Invisalign is that you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. Invisalign offers six free aligner replacements.

Looking for Wichita Invisalign?

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