Everything You Should Know Before Starting Braces Treatment

We know getting braces can be a daunting experience, but at Dillehay Orthodontics we make it a walk in the park! Let us give you the right information and advice. No matter how old you are or what condition your mouth is in, crooked teeth can be a real problem. Misaligned and unusually placed teeth are considered inferior and can be a real  blow  to your self-esteem. Even if a patient has great oral hygiene and bright pearly whites, it won’t stop people from making negative judgements about your crooked teeth. That’s why dentists keep a close eye on children and their development of adult teeth. The growth and formation of adult teeth can be tracked as soon as the permanent teeth have begun to emerge, in order to make sure that they are completely healthy. Childhood is the perfect time for corrective measures to be put in place if crooked teeth are found. The tissues are more malleable and flexible than they would be in an adult because the mouth is still growing. It’s much better for a child to have their crooked teeth fixed before the onset of adolescence when appearance means everything. Social and emotional challenges can be the result of imperfect, stained, broken, or misaligned teeth. Many teenagers dread being told that they need dental braces and some refuse to wear them altogether.  Modern braces are a lot less conspicuous than some of the older products, but they can still cause problems for self-conscious teens. Keep a close eye on your child’s dental health to avoid the drama. Here at Dillehay Orthodontics we’ve come up with some helpful tips about braces that’ll  help you prepare for them, no matter how old you are!

Braces At Any Age

young woman with braces

Dental braces are most commonly associated with teenagers but there is no age limit for this kind of corrective treatment though. Braces can correct misaligned teeth at any age, so long as your teeth and gums are strong. This is because they place a lot of extra pressure on the gums. You need to have tough, robust, and flexible gum tissue that is able to bounce back if you want to wear braces. It’s now quite common for adults to be fitted with braces. Many of these people saw a need for corrective treatment as children, but their families could not afford it. Getting braces as an adult fixes the crooked teeth that help hold back confidence.

Straight Teeth Is Not All They Do

Giving a patient perfectly straight teeth is not the only objective of wearing braces. They achieve a lot more, which is why when a patient attends a consultation for braces, their orthodontist examines their mouth for a lot of different issues. They can build up a comprehensive oral review by asking a lot of questions.

They ask questions like: Have you ever experienced pain in the jawbone? Have you ever had any problems with bleeding gums?  Do any of your teeth feel loose or jagged?  Can you stick your tongue out of the front of your teeth? Whatever the question asked, it’s asked for a good reason— your health, so give an honest answer! When you get your mouth checked for crowded teeth, gaps in the gum line, and impacted teeth try and be patient and not fidget.

How to Handle Braces

Smiling little girl in with braces and glasses showing heart with hands

You ‘ll need to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as possible. You can use a regular toothbrush, with regular bristles, because brushing with braces is really no more difficult than it is without.  The metal brackets of the braces will wear the bristles down faster so you may need to replace it more often. It will take a little more time and precision to floss, and be sure to take care, be gentle, and don’t put too much pressure on your teeth.

When you can see the edges of the brackets and your braces look shiny and clean, you know you’ve done a great job!  You still only have to brush and floss twice a day, just like anybody else.

We know the process of braces can be uncomfortable at times. But, it’s important to remain positive! Stick to your guidelines and maintain a proper cleaning routine. When the braces come off and you see your new smile, all of it will be worth it! At Dillehay Orthodontics we strive to make every step of the process as simple, easy and comfortable as possible. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about orthodontics and get your specific questions answered. We look forward to helping you get that big beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!