When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Understanding your oral health doesn’t have to be a challenge with Dillehay Orthodontics on your side! Our team is here to help new and current patients know when they should seek the expertise of an orthodontist. Read on to learn what signs warrant an appointment and the best time to start treatment based on age and available treatment options.

Signs You Can Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment 

Jaw Issues

If you have jaw discomfort when speaking, chewing, or yawning, you may benefit from a trip to the orthodontist. Crooked teeth can cause the position of your jaw to move out of alignment and place uneven pressure across your mouth. This can lead to issues with proper speech, difficulty with digestion, and even cause migraines. Having jaw complications checked out quickly can get you feeling your best as soon as possible!

Early Baby Tooth Loss

If your child has lost their baby teeth earlier than expected, their natural tooth position may shift out of place and cause issues as their permanent teeth grow. Taking the necessary steps to ensure correct alignment can save them from more complicated or invasive procedures later in life.  

Bite Complications

A typical orthodontic issue is a malocclusion or misalignment of the jaw. These include overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Bite complications occur when upper and lower teeth do not fit together correctly, causing improper chewing and enamel breakdown. Everyone experiences this in some capacity, but addressing it sooner rather than later allows for simpler, more straightforward treatment!

Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth can affect the facial structure and negatively impact confidence, causing some patients to hide their smiles from others. Not being happy with your smile is a concern we take seriously at Dillehay Orthodontics! Misaligned teeth can also make daily maintenance, such as brushing and flossing, more complicated than it needs to be as hard-to-reach areas of your teeth develop.

When is the Best Time to See an Orthodontist?

One of the best times to seek orthodontic help is around age seven. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends visiting early to allow the opportunity for treatment. Early intervention can allow for less complicated and less invasive care as your child grows. Not all children require work at this age, but those who need it can reap the benefits into adulthood as their jawbone and gums are malleable and respond more effectively to appliances.

Braces and clear aligners are excellent options for teenagers to realign their teeth. As our team tracks your teeth growth, we can share the most effective time for you to begin your smile journey. Starting orthodontic care as a teen can positively affect your oral health for many years as your smile’s aesthetics are enhanced and the condition of your permanent teeth is protected.

A common misconception about orthodontic care is that it is reserved for younger patients, but did you know adults comprise over a quarter of all patients? It is never too late to start your smile journey! Dillehay Orthodontics encourages those who did not get a chance to start care early or whose complications began later in life to visit our practice to see the fantastic work we can do for you.

When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Our Treatment Options

Interceptive Treatment

For our younger patients whose permanent teeth have not yet grown, we provide two-phase treatment to help with orthodontic issues. Dillehay Orthodontic offers appliances such as partial braces, retainers, and expanders for improved alignment. Our team monitors and guides the teeth during the first phase to help prepare them for more straightforward treatment during the second phase, typically when braces are appropriate.

Clear Aligners 

We provide clear aligners for those interested in a treatment different from braces. Dillehay Orthodontics offers both 3M Clarity and the in-house brand Simple Clear. These appliances realign your teeth with the help of plastic trays worn for 22 hours daily that are switched out every two weeks. Our team uses the latest technology to create a 3D model of your teeth, so each set of trays is customized for efficient treatment!

Metal Braces

The most recognizable sign of orthodontics is metal braces. They are known for their strength and ability to resolve any orthodontic complication you may have. Modern metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and use brackets, wires, elastic bands, and other components. They work together to put pressure on your teeth in different directions to achieve your smile goals. 

Clear Braces

Clear braces use the same technology as modern metal braces, though they appear nearly invisible thanks to the tooth-colored ceramic brackets placed on the front of your teeth. They use cutting-edge technology and can be adjusted throughout treatment to ensure efficient results. This discreet option is popular among those with aesthetic concerns. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are an incredible appliance that accomplishes your smile goals without anyone knowing. We provide the MTM No-Trace System, which is placed behind your teeth and provides an invisible appearance. You can continue to speak, eat, drink, and clean your smile without interrupting your daily routine! Lingual braces guide your teeth to perfect alignment in as few as three to six months.

Other Treatments

At Dillehay Orthodontics, we provide comprehensive treatment for many other orthodontic issues. Dr. Dillehay and Dr. JK can help you achieve your perfect smile with the help of surgical orthodontics, TMJ/TMD treatment, and gummy smile treatment. Our top priority is ensuring you are comfortable with your care plan and feel confident starting your smile journey with us! You can ask our team or visit our website to learn more about our treatment options.

When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Your Smile Journey Starts Here!

Remember, it is never too late to start orthodontic treatment. At Dillehay Orthodontics, we are passionate about treating all ages and helping everyone have the perfect smile they deserve. We provide free consultations to new patients at our East and West Wichita and Derby practices and are proud to serve the surrounding communities. Schedule yours today and start your life-changing treatment with Dr. JK!