What Are the Main Elements of Braces?

Braces have been an elemental way for people looking to improve their smiles. But what are the main elements of braces? At Dillehay Orthodontics, Dr. Ken, Dr. JK, and our amazing team are experts in revitalizing smiles with braces. Our East and West Wichita locations, Pratt, and Derby locations are committed to providing superior orthodontic care. No matter your age, braces can help you. They correct malaligned teeth to provide a healthier and more confident smile. Braces improve smiles…but what are the key elements of braces? 

Overview of Braces

Braces have been around for a long time and have significantly improved with technological advancement. They’re a proven method to help people like you get straighter teeth and better smiles. Braces are a system of different parts that work together to move your teeth gradually and comfortably. At Dillehay Orthodontics, we offer different types of braces to fit everyone’s needs.

Passive Self-ligating Metal Braces

Passive self-ligating metal braces represent our most commonly used type. They’re made of metal brackets and wires that are attached to your teeth. These braces have a built-in titanium clip that allows the wire to lock into place and with less friction. Allowing teeth to move with lighter more continuous pressure Even though they’re visible, they do an excellent job creating beautiful smiles.

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces. But they’re made of a tooth-colored ceramic material that blends in with your teeth. Their biggest advantage? They are much less noticeable. Want a more discreet alternative to metal braces? Ceramic braces may be a great choice for you! 

Lingual Braces

Looking for the most aesthetic brackets used at Dillehay Orthodontics? How about lingual braces- these are brackets that are attached to the inside of your teeth. They remain behind your teeth! No one can see them from the outside. Dr. Ken and Dr. JK will attach these braces to the back side of your teeth. Like clear braces, they are perfect for people who want to straighten their teeth without announcing it to the world. 

What Are the Main Elements of Braces?

Main Components of Braces

Braces might look simple from the outside. But did you know they include a lot of science and technology to ensure the creation of your best smile? Let’s discuss the different parts of braces and how they work to create your new smile at Dillehay Orthodontics.


Brackets are small squares that we attach directly to each tooth. Depending on the type of braces you choose, they can be made of metal or clear ceramic material. These brackets act like handles. They hold your archwire in place. They’re important because they’re one of the primary functional parts that move your teeth.


The archwire is a thin metal wire that goes through all the brackets on your teeth It helps guide your teeth where they need to go. Dr. Ken, Dr. JK, and our team change the archwire during your appointments. Doing so helps your teeth move in the right direction within the time frame we’re looking for.


Bands are like rings around some of your teeth, usually the back ones. They give extra support and help hold everything together. Not everyone needs bands, but if you do, they play a big part in your treatment.


Ligatures are tiny elastic bands or wires that tie your archwire to the brackets. You can pick different colors to make your braces look cool if you have elastic ligatures. However, these need to be changed often because they lose their strength over time.

Together, these components make your braces work. These elements might seem small, but each part has a job in safeguarding your new smile. At Dillehay Orthodontics, we make sure all these parts work perfectly to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Main Elements of Braces?

Small Parts Make Huge Changes

Braces are excellent when considering how they move your teeth into the ideal spot. But how do they do it? With sustained, gentle pressure. At Dillehay Orthodontics, Dr. Ken and Dr. JK carefully plan where your teeth must go. Then, our team uses the braces to apply the proper pressure to get them moving.

When the brackets are attached to your teeth and connected by the archwire, the wire wants to return to a straight shape. As it does, it pulls your teeth along with it. This process might sound too good to be true. But it’s science! Your body responds to this pressure by slowly allowing the bone around your teeth to remodel. This means new bone grows to support your tooth in its new position while the old bone breaks down. This process is what makes your teeth move.

Don’t worry, though! It only happens after a period of time. It’s a slow and steady journey, so braces are usually worn for twelve to thirty-six months. Throughout your treatment at Dillehay Orthodontics, you’ll have regular check-ups to adjust the pressure and make sure everything is moving along just right. Ultimately, all these tiny adjustments make a tremendous difference in your smile.

What Are the Main Elements of Braces?

Celebrate Braces at Dillehay Orthodontics

Now you know a thing or two about the main elements of braces! Brackets, archwires, bands, and ligatures. That’s what it takes to produce a significant change in your smile. At Dillehay Orthodontics, Dr. Ken and Dr. JK have the expertise to move your teeth precisely where they need to be. Serving smiles in East Wichita, West Wichita, Derby, and Pratt, we’re here to walk with you every step of your way. Visit us here to schedule a free consultation at Dillehay Orthodontics today.